At Planet of Geeks, we are looking to add pop-culture into the world of business.
Our first product SOCIUS is all set to gamify Marketing!

We believe brands today spend overtime on trying to acquire new customers but don't spend much time or effort to understand, connect and engage with its existing customers.


Clubbing this with the choice of products a customer has, it has become unrealistic to expect any loyalty out the existing customers. And hence more discounts and offers have become the go-to marketing strategy resulting in lesser connection between a brand and a customer.

So what is SOCIUS set to do?

SOCIUS (a SaaS product by Planet of Geeks) has in-built games in the backend which can be easily customised with a specific Brand's content. These games can be used by the brands to conduct contests for its customers.


The customer plays the game, gets rewarded if he wins and learns more about the Brand (its store, culture, products and such) as he plays the game. At the end of every game, the Brand gets an analytic report on what the customer knows about them and a score of the Brand reach.

We keep adding new games in the backend and so in a fun way, the brands and its customers can stay connected!

We did a trial version of this product from Nov 2018 to July 2019 and received a much better response than what we expected. So we are upgrading our offering and launching SOCIUS in Android and iOS in March!!


Customer Engagement

Interactive content draws people to your brands story. That reduces the likelihood that customers will scroll past your content. We call that “banner blindness” and it’s a real problem.



Brand awareness & recall

Socius helps educate your existing and new customers know about you.

Customise the game with your Brand colour,Logo, Images & Content

Creates +ve word-of-mouth about the brand.

Relive previous experiences with the brand



Brand Loyalty

Brand awareness and brand loyalty increase as customers interact more with your content.

As customers become more Loyal,‘Lifetime Purchase Value’ increases.



User retention

Makes the user experience more enjoyable.

Games are a powerful psychological driving factor



Increase customer acquisition

No one plays alone. It is common practice to invite friends to a game.

This increases word-of -mouth about the brand.As you give higher rewards for the winners, there will be higher participation of new Contestants



Data gathering & Reporting

At the end of every game, the marketing team gets a report on what the customers have learnt about the brand through the game. And hence the increased Brand reach.


We are an “out-of-the-building” thinking company.

That’s likely over-simplified, but it’s cleaner than a long list of descriptors. With the company’s temperature boiling high in Games, Movies and Pop-Culture in general, we produced SOCIUS, an explosion of creativity fuelled by the ethos of Story Telling, Games, Game Logic and Mechanics, to have fun – which includes not just Us, but the Brands and the Customers. A different approach to Marketing, where Story Telling precedes everything. We use the word “fun” a lot in these company bios, so come be our friend and see if we mean it.


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