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Planet of Geeks is not Just another online store and We don’t intend to be one.  The journey of POG has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride from the day of ideation till today but what kept us going was our vision and our thirst to create a CHANGE.

I am a 28-year comic fanatic with an engineering and MBA background. It’s funny that Cartoons, Movies and TV series have taught me quite a lot than the 20-odd year conventional education. Most importantly, it has in all ways encouraged me to be myself while the other one failed to do so.

As a Comic Lover, I have always believed that when we read comics or try to understand superheroes, particularly as children, we develop our emotions, reading ability, and morals. And most of my values I hold today are developed and inspired from Comics.

While some people wish that we had real superheroes in our world today, I believe, we already do. For every young boy and girl who feel like they don’t fit in, once they find a character they connect with, that hero is real to them. Sometimes the greatest salvation a person could hope for is the chance to escape and learn that things can get better.

Which superhero came from a perfect back ground?

Daredevil’s father was killed by the mob!

Batman’s parents were killed in front of him!

The Punisher’s family was killed in front of him!

The lesson I learned was, regardless of how bad life can get and how hopeless one can feel there is the chance to turn things around and make the world a better place.

What could be a better message a future generation be taught in our world today. I saw belief, hope and Love in comics and eventually it made me see the promise of a better tomorrow, with all of us, fans and creators, taking better care of each other.

This inspired me to start a company that believes in awakening the superhero in each and every one of us, just so that we could make this world a better place to live. And the medium that I chose to do this was Super Hero merchandise.

We, at Planet Of Geeks, come from varying backgrounds but We all believe in a single vision - We need to be ourselves in order for us to change the world. We have plastered our vision everywhere and every time we had a chance to meet You - From Instagram to Website to Mails to our Packaging boxes. We believe we are the best version of ourselves.

It’s been 45 days since we launched our site and the response from all you rebels has been Phenomenal. We are determined to bring more hardcore designs to India that talk about the character, emotion and value of the Superhero that we all believe in. We want you to rebel more, stand up for yourself and awaken the superhero in you everytime you use our product.

When people thought we were just a bunch of crazy people, it was your whopping response and support on Social Media and our Website that shut them down and made them believe that this generation is capable of more than what they seem and will truly make this world a better place.

The world is surely gonna stamp you as a rebel but my question is if we don't live for ourselves, if we don't fight for ourselves, who will do it for us. Rebelling is the only way forward and We believe The Rebels are gonna change the world. So, carry that Rebel Or Rust tag with pride because you have just got a new family, a new cult that wants to make a difference in the world, just like You. 


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Live Long and Prosper


Harish Guru

Co-Founder – Planet of Geeks