Game Pack

Infinity Hunt (Released)

First organised in Chennai. Participants had to collect all Six Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet which were scattered across Chennai by solving riddles related to Marvel. The Game launched as an Homage to the MCU and what it did to us, the audience. Players had the experience to go on the heist that the Avengers and Thanos went on.

Steal The Gauntlet (Released)

"Strength Incites Challenge. Challenge Incites Conflict. And Conflict Breeds Catastrophe"

Again an MCU inspired game, Steal The Gauntlet tests the skills and knowledge of Players as they have to Collect the Gauntlet and protect it from other players before they steal it. Players get SIXTY SECONDS to answer the "Power-Up" question to steal the Gauntlet from others.

Survivor 101 (Developed & Unreleased)

Chennai is Ground Zero. Due to massive chemical leak while building the metro in 2030, the World is in Chaos. It's the Year 2061 and they have found the cure. Players have to fend off 6 waves of Zombie attacks in order to get to the cure. Players get to interact with Betty - the Celebrity Baseball Bat, Big Bertha - the experimented & mechanically enhanced AK-47, Knock Knock - just another Hammer, Donald and Trump - the Twin pistols that represent the Good and Bad side, Katana - the legendary sword used by Kill Bill, Rose - the sadistic and now sad One-Pump Shotgun.

Watchers of the Wall (Under-Development)

Two teams battle it out. On one side, you have the living who are trying to defend the wall and on the other side - you have the dead trying to bring it down. Players get to collect Mystical items that deals damage/heal to the wall depending on what side you are on. Special magical items fall from the sky during the game and players who are quick enough to get them, put their team at an advantage. You know where this game is inspired from.

Minions of Joker (Under-Development)

Players get separated into Two teams. One on the Joker's side and the other on the GCPD's side. Players get to experience what it is to work for The Clown Prince of Crime as they have to obey what their Master tells them to do. The task at hand is to paint each building in India with the Joker's Graffiti digitally. The GCPD players have to find these graffiti's and mark them. At the end of the game, if there are Graffiti's left unmarked, the Joker's team wins. 

Battle Royale Board (Under-Development)

A board game that brings Battle-Royale to your desk. In this miniature version of Battle royale, rather than the traditional way of having 100 players spawn up at an island we have a maximum number of upto 10 participants who move across the map using the help of dice roll. That is the only difference from your usual battle royale. The board version has weapons, consumables and a ever shrinking storm zone as well. 

Zone Wars (Under-Development)

A board game where its all about Power, Money and Control. 3-6 Players pick out a Zone out of luck(Dice Roll) in the beginning and start building their empire. The game tests your shrewdness, Cunningness and above all... your gangsta skills. Become the Top gangsta by controlling all the zones to win the game.