Step 1 – Download the “Planet of Geeks”application available in both Google play storeand Apple store.

Step 2 – Register your account in the POG App with your phone number or mail id.


Step 3 – Select the “Steal the Gauntlet” from the Events List.

Step 4 – Redeem the “Code” that will be announced on the day of the hunt.

Step 5 – Collect any one of the Gauntletsshown on the map.

Step 6  – Collected Gauntlets show up as Red dots and the not collected ones in Yellow. If you manage to collect one it shows up as a Blue dot.

Step 7 – Try to hold on to the Gauntlet for as long as possible.

Step 8 – In case your Gauntlet does get stolen, fret not for you can always steal it back.

Step 9 – Tap on the Gauntlet you want to Steal and answer the corresponding questionto procure it. Failure to answer correctly results in a 55 seconds cooldown before you can try again.

Step 10 - If a person without the Gauntlet is in a vicinity of 50 m to the one who has the Gauntlet, he can collect the Gauntlet by answering the preset question in 30 sec or sooner. If he fails to collect the Gauntlet in 30 sec, he will not be able to collect for the next 55 seconds.

The top 20 participants of EACH DAY with the longest holding time win the Game! Also, if a person with the Gauntlet has been locked on by someone, no one else can lock on him at the same time.