All Things Marvel Tee

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  • Gender : We aren't Gender Biased. So are our Tees.
  • Material : 100% Bio-Washed Cotton, cause the chemicals need to be in a lab, not on your body.
  • Handling : Flipping is for the cavemen. Welcome to the Digital age where you can wash/ iron/ dry as you wish.
  • Fit : Neither loose nor tight, it fits the Misfits just right
  • Where to wear : Wear it wherever you want, cause who doesn't love Superheroes.

    Product Description

    Having a tough time choosing your favourite Marvel character? We’ve got you covered.

    FACT FILE: Marvel Comics and DC Comics have co-owned the trademark for the phrase "super hero" since 1981. They pursued this action because the toy company Mego, which made licensed toys of DC characters, had beat them to it. Mego gave up the trademark when the two companies threatened legal action.